Our Services

Walk-in Services

Call 536-5999 for more information.


Information & Support

Information and support regarding all aspects of domestic & sexual violence or stalking are available for victims, survivors and non- offending family members and friends. We can help you explore your options, plan for your safety, and learn how to support a loved one being abused. All of the services provided by Voices Against Violence are free of charge.


24 Hour Hotline (536-1659 or 1-877-221-6176)

Speak with an advocate 24-hours a day. Whether you’re fleeing a violent situation, or just have a question, someone is always available to talk.


Sexual Assault Support

Information and support about sexual assault, accompaniment to the hospital for exam and support throughout the process.


Court Advocacy

Receive information and assistance when obtaining protective orders, stalking petitions and support during court proceedings, such as custody hearings or criminal trials. Advocates can administer an intake process that may qualify survivors for free legal representation at permanent restraining order hearings.


Police Accompaniment

Advocacy when making a report or participating in an interview with law enforcement, and assistance in understanding the criminal justice system.


Systems Advocacy

Advocacy when working with any systems, such as prosecutors, attorneys, schools, mental health, medical, juvenile probation and parole officers, social service agencies child care providers, etc.


Emergency Shelter

Safe, temporary shelter at a non-disclosed location is available for victims and their children in fear for their safety. Our safe house is a comfortable home in a residential environment. Trained advocates offer support, information, and referrals to women and children staying in our home, to assist them in rebuilding their lives.


Education & Outreach

Presentations consist of, but are not limited to, awareness raising around domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking, media awareness, healthy relationships, sexual harassment, bullying, dating violence, and conflict resolution. All presentations are age appropriate and are provided at no cost to schools, community groups, social service agencies, hospital personnel, law enforcement, and others interested in learning about these issues.


DCYF Advocacy

Assistance for families who are involved with the Division of Children, Youth & Families and have experienced domestic or sexual violence. Our specially trained Domestic Violence Specialist works to advocate for victims and survivors throughout their DCYF experience.


Support Groups

Pattern Changing and Women’s Spirit are support groups for women promoting safe & healthy relationships. Children’s and/or Teen Support Groups are designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children who have witnessed domestic violence. Men’s support groups are available on an as-needed basis.