Our Community Sponsors

Thank you to our community sponsors who help support Voices Against Violence and further our mission.

Our Community partnerships are gaining momentum! At this time there are 17 businesses and community agencies who have chosen to enter into this mutually beneficial relationship.


These local businesses or organizations have established an ongoing relationship with Voices. Partners support us by:

♦ Donating an item/gift certificate to our Annual Ball Auction

♦ One day a year, dedicating a portion of their proceeds to Voices

♦ Posting our major events in their establishment and/or on their social media page

♦ Potentially becoming a ticket sales location for our major events


Our Visionary Partners agree to do the above plus two of the following:

♦ Make an annual financial donation of $500, $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000

♦ Donate a portion of their proceeds to Voices once a month

♦ Become a sponsor for one of our major events

♦ Donate services from their business

Voices provides these organizations with Partnership posters, as well as Voices outreach information, to be displayed in their establishment.  We also post Community Partner information through our publications and social media to promote these contributing entities.  For more information on how to join please contact our office.

To learn more about Community Partners, or to get involved, contact:

Marcie Gowen-Nobley, mgowen-nobley@ublocal.com