Ways to Get Involved

Join us in creating a better world.

Learn about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, bullying, harassment, stalking, and human trafficking

Read books and articles, watch documentaries, go to educational events that your local crisis center program sponsors. Like so many others, you might find that once you learn about it, that you suddenly see it all around you. What should you do then? You can contact us if we can help support you, your family, coworker, or a friend that is experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, bullying, or stalking.


If you have a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who is experiencing these crimes, the very best thing you can do for that person is to listen, believe, and do all you can to keep the person from getting isolated. An abuser or perpetrator will often try to isolate their victims in an attempt to control the victim, cutting off the victim’s family, friends and support systems.

Show Compassion

Understand that society often holds a victim responsible for the violence because of lack of education around abuse and sexual assault.  A victim isn’t responsible for being an abused, an abuser is the one who chooses to abuse and society should hold the batterer and perpetrators responsible for their behavior.  Domestic violence, abuse, sexual violence, and stalking are crimes. A victim is never responsible for a crime being committed against them.

Speak up

If you have a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who is being abusive and controlling of their family member, and you feel like it’s safe to do so, and it wouldn’t endanger the victim more, speak up. One of the things that will really have an impact on domestic violence and child abuse is social intolerance — ordinary people like you and me saying to an abuser “That’s unacceptable.”

Talk to your employer

Does your company have good policies to help victims stay safe at work? What business are you in? Is there something about your product or service that could be adapted to support victims? Be creative!

Write a letter to the editor

There are all kinds of things you can comment on about domestic violence and sexual assault or bullying or any of the crimes listed above in the local media – if you want to praise your local crisis center program or if you see really good or bad reporting of a domestic violence incident, let your opinion be known.

Talk to your legislators

Today is a good day to call or write your state and federal legislators. Let them know you are concerned about domestic violence, and ask them what they are doing to support victims.

Donate Time-Volunteer!

We have two trainings a year for our volunteer program. We are always seeking compassionate community members that would like to help us by donating their time to assist our agency and staff members with a wide range of advocacy opportunities.

Donate professional services

We sometimes are in need of professional services and if you would like to assist us with any service you or your company can offer, please contact us!

Attend an event or vigil we host

We have fundraisers during the year; Our annual winter ball, Our Dine Out! to end violence events during April & October and Our Dancing with the Community Stars event.  We also host a Candle light Vigil during the month of October for Domestic Violence awareness month. We also host in some community agencies like the Whole Village – Community awareness and outreach around Body safety and Healthy relationships. Support our State and Local Clothesline events. Have your organization participate in Denim Day during April Sexual Assault Awareness month and let us know about it!

Recycle your Cellphones with us!

Donate an unused cellular phone & smart phones for recycling or you can organize a drive around collecting old cell phones at your work.

Donation ideas

  • You can visit our ways to give page for more information about monetary suggestions and donations!
  • Donate an antique for us to use in our Antiques = Assistance program
  • Donate gift cards
  • Donate items on our Wish List.  We update our wish list every few months so please check back regularly